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Personal Services

Personal Services

The Coordinated Financial Overview™ (CFO) Process was designed with the goal of helping all aspects of your financial lives work together to accomplish your most important goals. Through this structured process, we act as your personal "CFO", delivering a system to organize your finances, clarify your goals, and develop strategies to build, preserve, and ultimately transition your wealth. We invite you to learn more about the CFO process by clicking through the steps below.

5-Step Process

The Fit Meeting

We understand that our services will not be a good match for everyone. At our initial meeting, we will introduce you to our team, our process, how we are compensated, and get to know more about you and your needs. We have one rule for this initial meeting – no decisions are made. It is simply an opportunity for you to “kick the tires” and see if our approach makes sense for you and your family. Then, we will part ways and both take the time to carefully consider if there is a good fit for a long term relationship. If so, we will move on to step 2, the discovery process.


During this step in the process, we will begin gathering information on all aspects of your financial picture (assets, liabilities, insurance, tax returns, estate planning documents, other professional advisors, etc…). We will also talk through questions designed to uncover your most important personal and financial goals, as well as your risk tolerance. Through all of this, we gain a complete understanding of your financial affairs and what is important to you. Then, we roll up our sleeves and get to work creating custom tailored strategies and a comprehensive plan.

Plan Design

During this step, we analyze the information we gathered in the discovery phase and develop strategies that have clear purpose for all areas of your financial picture, including:

  • Cash flow/ budgeting
  • Savings for retirement, education, and other goals
  • Investment portfolio/ asset allocation
  • Retirement income planning, including Social Security strategies
  • Tax efficiency
  • Insurance/ risk management
  • Estate planning strategies/ wealth transfer
  • Business succession and exit planning

We highly value the importance of coordinating with your professional advisors (accountant, attorney, insurance agent, banker, etc…) to develop the strategies in your plan. We welcome this collaboration as it leads to a unified team of advisors working together in your best interest.


During this step, we will review the recommendations we created in your plan and agree on the strategies that you are comfortable with implementing. Then, we coordinate with you and your professional advisors to execute the plan and make sure everything is completed in a timely and professional manner.

On-going Monitoring and Review

After the initial implementation of your plan, we will continue to meet on a regular basis to monitor your progress and ensure that your plan remains in alignment with your goals. We will mutually agree on how often we should hold these regular meetings and your preference for in-person meetings, conference calls, and/ or web-based meetings. With a structured plan in place and a process for maintaining it, you will always know what’s been done, what’s coming next, and that we’re taking care of it.

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