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Business Services

Business Services

The Coordinated Fiduciary Overview™ (CFO) Process was designed to give retirement plan fiduciaries more confidence that their plan is in compliance with regulations and their employees are more prepared for retirement. Through this disciplined process, we help you meet the highest level of fiduciary standards through effective investment management, plan governance, provider monitoring and benchmarking. We invite you to learn more about the CFO process by clicking through the steps below.

7-step Process

The Fit Meeting

We understand that our services will not be a good match for everyone. At our initial meeting, we will introduce you to our team, our process, how we are compensated, and get to know more about you and your company’s needs. We have one rule for this initial meeting – no decisions are made. It is simply an opportunity for you to “kick the tires” and see if our approach makes sense for you and your business. Then, we will part ways and both take the time to carefully consider if there is a good fit for a long term relationship. If so, we will move on to step 2, the discovery process.


During this step in the process, we will begin gathering information on all aspects of your retirement plan (investments, fees, plan design, participant success metrics, etc…). We will also talk through questions designed to uncover your most important business and employee goals. Through all of this, we gain a complete understanding of your company’s needs and what is important to everyone involved.

Plan Benchmarking

We will benchmark your plan against other companies with similar characteristics to make sure all fees are reasonable given the value of the services provided and assess the competiveness of the plan. Oftentimes, this leads to finding ways to lower the overall cost of your plan and making it more attractive to current and prospective employees. Determining fee reasonableness is a fiduciary duty that should be completed on a regular basis.

Plan Design

We will work closely with your Third Party Administrator (TPA) to make sure the design of your plan meets all of your business and employee goals. A few questions to consider during this step in the process are:

  • Does the plan allow the owners/ executives with higher income that ability to maximize their contributions?
  • Does the company contribution or match motivate employees to save?
  • Does the investment lineup allow employees to sufficiently diversify their portfolio?
  • Does the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) adhere to Department of Labor guidelines?

Investment Selection and Monitoring

We will help you create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that sets forth the process that will be used to select, monitor and replace investment options in the plan. Once the IPS is created, we will determine if any of your current investments need to be replaced. Then, we will use our investment analytics system to routinely monitor the investment lineup on a quarterly basis to make sure they adhere to the IPS. Fiduciary responsibility is all about process. As long as there is a disciplined and documented process for selecting and monitoring the investments in your plan, your fiduciary risk is significantly mitigated.

On-Going Services for Fiduciaries

On an agreed upon basis, we will meet with the plan fiduciaries and investment committee to capture, measure, and monitor your plan, including the investments, plan design, employee education, and provider monitoring.

On-Going Services for Participants

We will spend meaningful time with each and every employee that wants to meet with us and develop a plan for their future. Using our proprietary planning process we help participants put in place a plan that covers all aspects of their financial picture, including:

  • Cash flow/ budgeting
  • Debt reduction
  • Savings for retirement, education, and other goals
  • Investment portfolio/ asset allocation
  • Retirement income planning, including Social Security strategies
  • Tax efficiency
  • Insurance/ risk management
  • Estate planning strategies/ wealth transfer
  • Business succession and exit planning
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